Timeline Task

We’ve begun thinking about the history of Dartmoor, we saw roundhouses on our visit and want to find out more about them. We went onto the playground this morning to make a timeline to show how long ago the stone age was. We used the measurement of 0.5mm for one year which meant most our lives were less then 5mm on the timeline. We had to measure 23 metres before we reached the stone age! The time line stretched from the shelter to almost outside B2!

Fraction Puzzles

Today in maths we had a go at a team challenge. We had to use the skills we’ve been developing in finding fractions of amounts. We used these skills to have a go at completing a puzzle. We had to think about the equipment we should use, some of us used tens and ones, some of us used cubes and some of us used diagrams to help. Well done to Mackenzie, Ben, Ellis and Sam who worked excellently as a team and managed to complete the whole challenge.

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