Dartmoor Myths

Take a look at some of our Dartmoor myths. We have had a go at writing myths to explain how different stone formations came to be on Dartmoor.

Click on the titles below to read the different stories.


Vanessa the Witch

Two Giant Brothers

The Witch’s Stones

The Man, the Woman and the Magic Child

The Greyhound

3 Mean Giants

Benjo and the bog


The 3 Men and the Witch

the 4 brothers

The Evil Witch and the 3 Best Friends

Reading Superstars!

Today at school we had a special assembly. Children who have moved up a reading level this half term received their certificates. To move up a reading level children have to complete a reading assessment where their fluency and understanding of a text are assessed. Well done to these children! Hopefully there will be more G2 children receiving certificates in the assembly next half term.

Reading Rewards